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favorite first dance songs

Buy provigil online safely - Order provigil online uk

Tags : buy provigil amazon

What are the favorite first dance songs?

Our blog buy provigil at walmart a while back, but we also recommend the buy provigil american express, complete with 50 wonderful songs you’ll hear at weddings coast to coast.

We’ve made an interesting observation of these songs. The older and the better they are, the more artists who cover the song. This presents wonderful opportunities for you. The more great artists who have covered a song, the more likely you’ll hear a version just right for you.

Let’s check out songs #11 and #19 on The Knot’s list:

#11 Crazy Love

Van Morrison wrote and recorded Crazy Love in 1970. Here it is:

What a smooth, timeless love ballad. On the other hand, maybe you’d like it a little more bluesy. No problem. Listen to Morrison’s duet with the legendary Ray Charles, backed up with Charles on piano and Hammond organ.

Then again, maybe you prefer a real mellow interpretation of the song. Who better than Michael Bublé? Check it out:

This is a well-crafted song that holds up to a wide range of vocal interpretations, and the same goes for this next song from The Knot.

#19 In My Life

Five years before Morrison wrote “Crazy Love,” John Lennon and Paul McCartney wrote “In My Life.” This song is so good that Rolling Stone Magazine ranked it 23rd on their list of the 500 all-time greatest songs ever written. Impressive.

Here is this wistful love song as performed by The Beatles:

Can’t get any better than that, right? Well, that depends on your unique musical tastes. For example, Sara Niemietz offers this delightful, romantic rendition that might make it on to your favorite first dance songs list. Take a listen and enjoy:

Your first dance song should be a few minutes of pure heaven. All eyes are on you. The love of your life looks you in the eyes and gently sways to the music with you. Time stands still.

Your first dance song defines the moment.

Crestline Entertainment offers a simple benefit for you as you build your own list of potential favorite first dance songs:  we can play whatever you want, by any artist.

This matters.  No offense to the local bands around (and there are some fine ones), not all of them can sing as well as Michael Bublé or as distinctively as a Van Morrison or a Ray Charles or The Beatles. No offense, but they simply may not be as good of musicians as these legendary bands were.

With us, you get exactly what you want: the perfect song played at the perfect moment by the perfect artist.

What’s on your list of favorite first dance songs? Check out our buy provigil online south africa. If you don’t have it, we’ll get it!


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