Future Mother-in-law advice

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mother-in-law advice

Future Mother-in-law advice

Mother-in-laws have been the butt of jokes down through the ages. Let’s face it, though, sometimes a mother can be kind of touchy when she marries off her son. You know how it can go, she views her new daughter-in-law as a rival for her son’s affections. It doesn’t have to be that way. Here is some simple mother-in-law advice for engaged women.

Jealousy can be the problem

In other other words, the root cause of friction is often jealousy. Mom thinks her son still belongs to her. Wifey think he belongs to her. Wifey is right that marriage becomes a man’s primary relationship.

Great future mother-in-law advice

The key to a sound relationship is to make your mother-in-law your friend. Here are some ideas how:

  1. Communicate. Involve her in your wedding planning where appropriate. Don’t shut her out. Don’t treat her as an interloper. Let her know you value her role in her son’s life and in your marriage.
  2. Ask for her advice. This lets her know you value her and helps to reduce and eliminate potential jealousy issues.
  3. Keep a sense of humor. For example, if she criticizes your cooking, you might simply deflect it with a little levity, “You know, though, I’m getting better. Now the dog will even eat it.”
  4. Embrace her good points. She has them. Don’t dwell on the negative, because that’s a loser for everyone.
  5. Thank her at the wedding. You can do it privately, of course, but for maximum impact, make a toast where you can publicly thank her. Some readers may retort that the bride doesn’t make a toast at the wedding. Why not? It’s your wedding! Here’s what you might say:

“David and I have so many people to thank. And over the weeks to come, we’ll do that in a more personal way than I’m able to tonight. For now, I can only say that people are built for joy, to experience profound happiness in their life. That’s why we come together at an event like our wedding: to celebrate. We’re celebrating the best life has to offer: love. I am so grateful to my parents for all they’ve given me which has led me to this turning point in my life. And I am especially grateful to my new in-laws, Linda and Fred, for giving me the greatest gift of my life: David. I will be eternally grateful for the two of you for the rest of my life. I love you both. Thank-you.”

Mother-in-law jokes like the one Jeff Foxworthy tells in the video above will never go away. But if you cultivate a good relationship with your future mother-in-law, you can both laugh at his joke together.

Have fun together!

Here’s some final mother-in-law advice: Another way to forge a good relationship is to have fun together, starting at your wedding! Crestline Entertainment is a wedding reception specialist who will pack your dance floor and unite your party in a spirit of fun. Learn more today without obligation.

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How to be a bridezilla: Part 2

Last week’s blogpost on the art and science of becoming a bridezilla was a big hit. We obviously struck a chord. Suggestions gushed in from bridezillas throughout the area on their secrets for becoming a world class bridezilla.

The ‘Extravagant Wedding Shower’ technique

A recent bride, we’ll call her Brandi, said she had tremendous success by making endless demands on her bridesmaids. She insisted on an extravagant wedding shower at a cool out of town destination. She insisted they pay for it. She insisted that everyone attend, even if it strained their budget … or else.

She said it worked like a charm. Those bridesmaids who still talk to her have no problem calling her bridezilla to her face.

The ‘Destination Wedding’ technique

And then there’s a gal named Brittany (you may know her, so we changed the name) who not only planned a destination wedding in Hawaii, but insisted that her guests all wear color-coordinated attire to complement her color theme. Sadly, none of her invitees could make it, but Brittany and her hubby were glad to save the money and use it to go para sailing wearing color-coordinated swimming suits, no less!

The ‘Keep Guests Waiting’ technique

We heard about this next idea from quite a few bridezillas. They loved the idea of keeping their guests waiting for hours at the reception while their photographer took lots and lots of pics back at the church. The extra time allowed him to be sure he got nice posed shots as well as photo journalism, documentary, and edgy pics.

IMPORTANT TIP: When you use this bridezilla technique, be sure you have a CASH BAR. There’s nothing for your guests to do while they’re waiting but to drink, which can get sort of pricey for you. Let them pick up the tab. Oh, and be sure no food is served to tide them over. These well lubricated guests will really be ready to party when you finally make your grand entrance!

The “Treat Your Future Mother-in-law as an Outsider” Technique

Here’s one more idea, which comes to us from a recent bride who must remain anonymous, she said, because her personal safety is on the line if her name gets out. Anyway, she found great success by treating her future mother-in-law as an outsider, an interloper, and as a trespassing irritant.

“After all, this is my wedding, not hers. Every suggestion she made caused my skin to crawl!” said Miss Anonymity. “And MY MOM was picking up the tab, not her.”

Evidently, the bride’s attitude didn’t sit too well with mom-in-law to-be, whose brother Luigi had connections to a colorful collection of characters who got wind of these bridezilla shenanigans. Which might explain the bride’s need for anonymity.

How about you? Do you have some good bridezilla techniques you’d like to share? We have not yet begun to scratch the surface!

In the meantime, Crestline Entertainment offers great online planning tools which relieves brides’ stress. It’s hard to be a bridezilla when everything is nice and easy. That’s what you get with us. Great entertainment. Nice and easy professionals to work with. And stress free planning.

Why wait? Check on available dates today! Or simply pick up the phone and call right now: 630-766-9898.

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How to be a Bridezilla

Are you a woman who has aspired to be a bridezilla your entire life? In our quest to be a valuable resource to our readers, today’s blogpost reveals a step by step approach you can use to becoming the bridezilla you’ve always dreamed of being.

1. To begin, remember that this wedding is all about you. Your fianceé, your family, and your friends come second. Your every whim is what counts. Be assertive. Don’t let them get in your way.

A bridezilla should talk about nothing other than her wedding plans

2. Along that line, it is vital that you talk about your wedding. All. The. Time. Be ready to defend your position. For example, let’s say you’re having coffee with a girl friend who just gave birth to her first child. Your self-centered friend just can’t stop cooing over the little attention-grabber. Cut her off at the knees. You might want to say something kind of like this:

“I am appalled at your selfishness, Louise. After all, knowing you, you’re probably going to have a bunch more babies. But I am planning to get married only once. This is my time to talk. So next time we meet, I must insist that you get a baby sitter. That’s the only way I know I’ll have your full attention.”

That’ll put her in her place! Sometimes tough love is necessary with friends!

A bridezilla doesn’t believe in a budget

3. Okay, here’s another key element of achieving your Bridezilla dream: throw your budget out the window. Remember, this is YOUR day. If you don’t splurge for your wedding day, then when will you? Beg, borrow, or steal the money if you have to. You’re worth it. If you want a wedding gown of sumptuous, pale ivory silk taffeta and antique lace, adorned with thousands of pearls and a jaw-dropping 25-foot long train, go for it.

So what if the average cost of a wedding in the US is $35,329 (according to The Knot). If the Bridezilla in you thinks you won’t be happy with a penny less than $100,000, well, tell your father or fiancee’ that’s what overtime is for.

4. Finally, pamper yourself. Need a manicure or a massage? Do it, even if it means cancelling lunch with your fiancee’. After all, he’s going to have you for the rest of his life. You want to look and feel your best for your big day. Don’t let anyone, even him, get in your way.

Ready to become a Bridezilla worthy of your own television show? Just follow the 4 easy steps above.

If you’re not the bridezilla type…

On the other hand, if your view your wedding as being about more than you, in other words, as a celebration to be shared with people you love the most, don’t do any of the above.

You’ll be sensitive to your parents, your friends, and especially your fiancee’, and you’ll dote on your friend’s new born baby. You’ll live within your means and stick to your budget, because you’ll know that entertainment makes the event. And great entertainment as provided by Crestline Entertainment is more than affordable, it’s priceless.

We believe the wedding planning process should be fun, exciting, and stress-free. No need to be a bridezilla, especially with the great planning tools we offer clients. Learn more today about planning the wedding of your dreams on a budget you can live with!

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marriage is good for your heart

Marriage is good for your heart

The case for marriage keeps getting stronger, because new medical studies reveal that marriage is good for your heart. Make that shockingly good for your heart!

Doctors tell us we need to exercise, because it makes our heart stronger so we live longer. Now medical science reveals that love and marriage is the absolutely best tonic for our heart. Do you want to live longer? Fall in love and get married!

Proof that marriage is good for your heart

Skeptical? Need proof? Here it is. Dr. Arshed Quyyumi is co-director of Emory Clinical Cardiovascular Research Institute and professor of medicine at Emory University in Atlanta. The results of a study of 6051 patients revealed shocking results. Compared to their married counterparts, unmarried people were:

•24 percent higher risk of death from any cause;

•45 percent higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease; and

•52 percent higher risk of cardiovascular death/heart attack.

And specifically, the risk of cardiovascular death/heart attack was:

•40 percent higher for those who were never married;

•41 percent higher for those who were divorced or separated; and

•71 percent higher for those who had been widowed.

“I was somewhat surprised by the magnitude of the influence of being married has (on heart patients),” says Dr. Arshed Quyyumi, lead researcher and professor of medicine at Emory University, in an American Heart Association news release. “Social support provided by marriage, and perhaps many other benefits of companionship, are important for people with heart disease.”

We’ve all heard the term ‘dying of a broken’ heart, and you can see that it’s true in light of the higher risk of a fatal heart attack for those who have been widowed.

Love not only makes the ‘world go round,’ it makes us live long IF we are married.

Love and marriage go together like a horse and carriage!

This study brings to mind a song made famous by Frank Sinatra with catchy music written by Jimmy Van Heusen and timeless lyrics by Sammy Cahn. The song introduced itself to a whole new generation in the opening credits for the television show, “Married with Children:”

Whatever you do, don’t let Al Bundy (above) sour you on marriage, because doctors have the hard data: marriage is good for your heart.

And when in your wisdom you get married, call us in the planning stage for the wedding entertainment that makes the event. Crestline Entertainment is a proud supporter of love and marriage!

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suits vs. tuxedos for weddings

Suits vs. tuxedos for weddings. Which is right for you?


Is a suit or a tuxedo right for your Chicagoland wedding? Trends change over time. Windsor ties really gained popularity over the past ten years, but now bowties are making a comeback, as you may have noticed on recent award shows. So when it comes to suits vs. tuxedos for weddings, anything goes.

The video below is helpful, as it begins by clarifying the distinction between a suit and a tuxedo. For example, a suit uses plastic buttons and tuxedos use cloth buttons. For example, suits don’t typically include a vest, but tuxedos do. For example, a tuxedo uses satin embellishments, suits don’t.

The most popular tuxedo colors are black, like funnyman Seth Meyers (above) wore when he hosted the Golden Globe Awards, followed by grays, blues, browns, ivory, and white. You’ll also note Mr. Meyers is sporting a bowtie which Hollywood fashionistas are trending towards these days.

The video points out that one of the worst questions asked at a wedding is, which man is the groom? This is a problem when every groomsman wears the same suit or tuxedo as the groom. The video suggests that you coordinate the groom’s tie and vest with the bride’s colors so there is no doubt who is getting married, and have the groomsmen forgo the vest, or wear a different colored vest.

Here’s another tip if you’d like to distinguish your ushers from the rest of the groomsmen: they can wear windsor ties and the rest wear bowties, or vice versa.

Suits vs. tuxedos for weddings: it’s your call

A final thought. Men wear suits to work or a funeral. But a wedding is special. This is your chance to go all out and look the best you’ve ever looked. If you don’t wear a tuxedo now, then when?

For the record, Crestline Entertainment djs will wear a tuxedo to your event, unless other attire is requested. Check us out. We offer the finest wedding entertainment for Chicagoland brides and grooms.

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wedding posing techniques

Wedding posing techniques for awkward brides and grooms

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Wedding photography is such a wonderful art form. But traditional photography has lost a little popularity over the years. The best photographers have compensated by developing better wedding posing techniques which result in far better planned shots than your parents had.

What to do with the hands?

The problem with so many awkward brides, grooms, and wedding parties is what to do with their hands. We’ve noticed that with the best posed shots, creative photographers have put the subjects’ hands to good use to create a more natural posed look.

With the groom, a simple technique is to simply have him grab his lapel.

For a fun couples shot, the bride can tug on the groom’s tie.

For a fun shot of the groomsmen, the bride can simply put her hands on her hips and let them gawk. Or the groomsmen can put their arms around the groom with their hands held high.

For drama, let the groom simply extend his open hand to his adoring bride.

There are some good photographers we’d be happy to refer you to who have developed artful wedding posing techniques. They know how to make your wedding portraits fun and memorable.

In a previous blogpost, we discussed the four most popular styles of wedding photography. The are: traditional, documentary, fine art, and edgy. Contemporary traditional photography has blurred the lines between these styles with fun wedding posing techniques that put the hands to good use.

When the photographs are finished, we’ll put everyone’s hands AND feet to good use by packing the dance floor. Check out Chicagoland wedding entertainment at its finest.

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first dance etiquette

First dance etiquette for modern brides

First dance etiquette for weddings is timeless. We live in an era where some couples go to great lengths to choreograph high energy productions for their first dance. YouTube is full of them, like the one below:

Let’s face it, this approach isn’t for everyone. Here’s the good news: you DON’T need an exotic production. You can stick to the basics. Many, probably MOST, of the readers of this blog are breathing a big sigh of relief over that last sentence. After all, a lot of people are not impressed with their own dancing abilities, and they are pretty shy about having the entire spotlight on them.

You have nothing to worry about! We’ve posted a very nice video below which gives you a quick and  easy tutorial on how to dance the good ol’ box step. Even if you’ve got two left feet, the box step is within your reach. Watch this, see what I mean:

First dance etiquette: the basics

Here is the timeless first dance etiquette Crestline Entertainment uses for Chicagoland weddings:

√ We introduce you and your wedding party with flair.

√ Bride and groom enjoy their first dance together as husband and wife.

√ Next, the father and bride dance and the mother and son dance.

At this point, etiquette becomes more flexible depending on your tastes and the length of your reception. We’ll review your options in the planning process to be sure all additional special dances and announcements are perfectly timed and MCed.

In the meantime, if you’re a little shy about your first dance, spend a some time with the video above practicing a very user-friendly dance step. And then be sure to check out an earlier blogpost, “Top Ten Classic Songs for your First Dance.”


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memorable wedding toast

The secret ingredient to a memorable wedding toast

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This blog has written on the subject of the wedding toast on more than one occasion. The subject is important, because a memorable wedding toast is pure magic. At the same time, a toast by your best man or maid of honor can go astray with all sorts of negative consequences.

There is never an excuse for a poor toast as long as your toasters are armed with some basic information, which I am about to reveal.

There is an almost magical secret to giving a memorable wedding toast, and that is the “turning point.” The turning point is the secret sauce, that moment when the toaster reveals what makes the bride or groom so special, and what makes the bride and groom such a great couple.

It is the pay dirt for which everyone awaits.

The video above provides helpful tips on how to write an effective toast. It breaks down the toast into five steps:

  1. Introduction. Who is the toaster, and what is his/her connection to the bride and groom?
  2. Great story. Everyone loves stories. Everyone! What are movies and television shows, except stories? Stories are so powerful that Jesus used them as the basis for His teachings. What is your story that involves either the bride or groom, or both?
  3. Turning point. Here you reveal the secret, that very essence of what makes the toastee tick, and why that bodes well for their marriage. This is that “feel good moment” that makes a good toast soar.
  4. Conclusion.
  5. Toast.

Let’s look at an actual toast I found on YouTube. Whoever posted it labels it as the ‘greatest best man speech ever.’ That it is not. The ‘story’ part of the toast floundered, and the toaster talks more about himself than the groom. However, he redeems himself with a fine ‘turning point.’ Tune in at around the 2:40 mark in the video below to see what I mean:

The toast below is heartfelt. The toaster provides a wonderful story beginning around the 1:40 mark. But he skips the conclusion and the toast itself. And the ‘turning point’ precedes the story:

No criticism intended towards either toaster, each of whom had some good elements in their toast. We can all learn from them in order to write and deliver a memorable wedding toast when our time comes.

Check out an earlier blogpost that offers a memorable wedding toast script. Do you see the ‘turning point’? It is the paragraph immediately following the line, “bring bride into the toast.”

Writing and delivering a memorable wedding toast isn’t rocket science. It takes more heart than science, along with the tips above. Good luck!

[When should toasts be made? Crestline Entertainment offers DJs who are also professional MCs. We know when to cue up toasts and control the entire tempo of your celebration. You have no worries, other than to celebrate! Our online planning tools are awesome!] 

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wedding toast delivery tips

Excellent wedding toast delivery tips

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Wedding toasts can be such a wonderful part of your wedding reception. And they can be a disaster in the hands of an unprepared toaster. Here are some really excellent … and PRACTICAL … wedding toast delivery tips presented in the video below.

Study these wedding toast delivery tips

Tip #1: KNOW your toast. Know it well enough so you don’t need it scripted. It’s okay to have a few bullet points on a note card. But if you’re able to tell a nice, warm story about the bride or groom, you’ll find it really easy to remember and convey your toast.

Tip #2: Make EYE CONTACT. A simple technique to get started is to stand up straight and tall, smile like you’ve never smiled before, and cast your gaze across the room. What expectation you’ll create! You’ll have the audience in the palm of your hand before you even begin talking.

As your toast unfolds, cast your gaze around the room, working every corner of the hall. Are you shy? Are you scared to death at making eye contact? No problem. Before you begin your toast, identify a few people you’re close to in different areas of the venue, and you can focus your gaze on them.

What can be really helpful to you is to make a point to introduce yourself to as many people as you can at the reception before the toasting begins. That way, there are fewer strangers in the hall! And let me tell you, if you look at someone and smile, it is really, really hard for them to do anything other than smile back. Toasting is so rewarding when it begins and ends with a smile.

Tip #3: Be CONCISE. The video suggests a toast can be up to ten minutes. This blogger suggests 3 to 5 minutes is MUCH better. You need to be a master toaster to pull off a ten minute toast. Whatever the length, rehearse. Let me say it again: rehearse and rehearse your toast. You owe it to the bride and groom. Do NOT let it run on too long. Bring it to a nice, clear conclusion with the line:

“Will you raise your glass and join me in toasting this great couple, Mr. and Mrs. [couple’s name].”

Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse

Tip #4: Be CONVERSATIONAL. The conversational approach is intimate and compelling, IF you have properly rehearsed your toast. The worst thing you can do is to have a few too many drinks and let your ‘conversational’ toast drag on and on. (Actually, worse than that is to embarrass the bride and  group. But you know better than to do that!) Limit your alcohol. Rehearse. Make eye contact. You’re going to be great!

When it comes to your reception, Crestline Entertainment provides that impeccable timing that only professional MCs bring to the table. We know how to time the toasts, the cake cutting, and all the key moments of your reception. Get ready for the best day of your life!

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wedding communication

New technology enhances wedding communication!

Everyone knows that men and women communicate differently. At long last, new technology boosts wedding communication between the genders, setting the stage for a lifetime of marital bliss!

Men tend to view communication as having a purpose, while women view it as an outlet for feelings.

Women want to talk more often and use more words than men.

Men’s listening skills tend to be literally oriented, which can create challenges for women who view conversation as more of a process which does not necessarily seek solutions.

In light of these differences, it was only a matter of time until science developed vital technology that narrows the communication gap between the genders.

Get ready for better wedding communication!

You have to see it to believe it. The video below reveals the medical breakthrough, Hearitol. Watch and listen!

And in case your relationship needs a little more help than Hearitol offers, perhaps you are a candidate for another new technological marvel, the Manslater! The video below provides the details, as well as ordering information:

This blog is always on the cusp of the latest and greatest in everything, including a good laugh.

When it comes to planning your wedding, you’ll find communication is as easy as saying “I do” when you select Crestline Entertainment to handle your wedding entertainment. We offer easy to use planning tools to make the planning process easy for you.

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